CalGames 2019

This year’s CalGames will be on October 4 – 6 at Woodside High School, 199 Churchill Ave, Woodside, CA 94062.

Registration Overview

Registration occurs in two tiers, early and open registration. Up to 36 teams will be accepted.

  • Early Registration costs $250 per team, plus commitment to a volunteer slot (8+ students, 1+ adults)
    • Not fulfilling this commitment will disqualify the team from competing in CalGames 2020; this penalty replaces the volunteer deposit system of past years.
  • Open Registration costs $400 per team, with no commitment to a volunteer slot
    • Teams are still, however, strongly encouraged to help out as much as they can!

WRRF has been able to lower registration costs this year thanks to Woodside High, who agreed to absorb custodial expenses. However, we are continuing to seek sponsors to further offset event and organization costs. If you can help with ideas or leads, please contact the CalGames Event Manager at CalGames at WRRF dot org.

Registration Tiers
Teams are encouraged to register as early as possible, even before a tier opens – registrations received prior to the opening of a tier will be treated as if they’d been received at the exact opening date and time for that tier.

All of our slots are currently full, but feel free to register – you’ll be placed on our waitlist, and we’ll let you know if a slot opens up!

Early Registration (~25 slots available)
Opens May 15th at 8AM; closes July 1st

Volunteer Slots

  • Field Assembly / Event Setup at Woodside High
    • Thurs ~6p-8:30p (2 slots)
    • Fri 9a-1p (2 slots)
    • Fri 10a-2p (3 slots)
    • Fri 1p-4p (2 slots)
  • Driveteam / Event Button Fabrication (1 slot)
  • Inventory Assistance (2 slots) at WRRF’s PODS
    • Sat Jun 28th at 9am
  • Field Teardown / PODS Load at Woodside High
    • Sun afternoon field teardown (2 slots)
    • Sun afternoon PODS load (2 slots)
    • Sun afternoon pit cleanup (1 slots)
  • Maker Faire Booth Coordination (3 slots)
    • Last and this year’s event hosts (2 slots)

There are also 3 slots reserved for rookie and pre-rookie teams, allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Rookies that don’t receive one can still register for any of the other (non-rookie-specific) slots as normal.

Open Registration (~11 slots available)
Opens July 1st

First-Come, First-Serve Registration

  • If two or more teams register at the exact same time (including registrations received prior to the opening of this tier, which, again, are treated as if they’d been received at the exact opening date/time for this tier) without enough slots to accept them all, teams will be randomly selected via lottery; priority is given to rookies if this happens. Teams remaining after that will be placed on a waitlist.
  • Due to the high volume of registrations we tend to receive, interested teams should consider applying for early registration slots to ensure a spot at the event.

Registering for the Event
Register online here, then complete your registration payment either online or via check, making sure to provide your team name and number.

  • If using a check, make it payable to WRRF and send it to:
    • WRRF, 2530 Berryessa Road, #134, San Jose, CA 95132-2903
  • Registration payments must be sent and postmarked on or before September 1st at the latest.
    • After this date, registered but unpaid teams will be moved to the waitlist.
    • Sending payment soon after your registration is accepted is recommended, but not required
  • If an insufficient number of teams are confirmed by Sept 1st, CalGames will be canceled and all registration payments will be refunded.

Contact Register4CalGames at WRRF dot org with any questions; you should receive a reply in 2 business days.

Event Schedule

  • Fri 10/4, 3p-8p, with inspection beginning after 3:30p and practice matches starting in the evening
  • Sat 10/5, 7a-6p, with qualification matches beginning at 8a
  • Sun 10/6, 7a-4p

There will be also an open team meeting on August 17th at Woodside High (location subject to change) for all teams attending CalGames – keep an eye out for more details. This is an opportunity for you to give your input on all aspects of the event!

  • To make sure you receive this and other important info, it’s vital that contact information for your team is up-to-date, so email WRRF dot Info at WRRF dot org to confirm that it is, if you have questions.

Please note: As WRRF is an independent nonprofit, due to legal concerns, every team member attending the event (both students and adults in any role) must complete a liability waiver, similar to that of an official FIRST regional event. The form will be made available to teams a couple weeks prior to the event.

CalGames 2019 October 4 – 6, 2019 at Woodside High School

Western Region Robotics Form (WRRF) is holding its sixteenth annual event for Bay Area FRC teams (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics Competition).

We need many individuals to deliver this event successfully. We hope you will express your interest and share your time to help these outstanding high school students compete and show what they have learned in the FRC program. If you have questions about any volunteer roles, just write

  • NOTE: this is different than team volunteer assignments.

NOW: Sign up through this link!

  • This sign up uses JotForm, similar to the Team Registration. Our first time using it. If you have trouble, then write, Thanks!
  • A few roles are limited to adults (>=18), thus the form has some conditional logic. Hopefully you will find this works ok! 😊
  • You will be able to upload a scanned/photo signed copy of your consent and release form. Team # on bottom of the form is NOT required for individual volunteers; if you are part of a team, please do provide that number.
  • NOTE: if you are a LEAD, already signed up, no need to complete this at this time.