Volunteer With Us

Volunteering at the WRRF Conference provides you many opportunities to connect with, teach, and learn from peers of similar interests, and to make an impact on the wider community.

Why Volunteer?

With inspiring presentations, hands-on workshops, social activities, and more, the Conference brings together over 200 middle & high school students and adult mentors from over 30 different schools and community organizations each year. By volunteering, you'll be helping to make an impact on all of them!

There are many ways to get involved, no matter your expertise, ability, or availability. Both teens and adults are welcome. Come help us build an memorable event for attendees!

All volunteers will have access to on-site Wi-Fi. Additionally, volunteering in any role for at least an hour on any day of the event gets you:

  • Lunch and a light breakfast provided for you*
  • Free admission to all other sessions at the event**
  • Free parking in several areas near or around the host site
  • Access to volunteer calls where you can ask questions to the planning committee

Session leaders will be provided room(s) with projectors (generally with HDMI inputs, but adapters are available), wired Internet (via Ethernet cable), power outlets, and tables in which to conduct their session(s), along with attendee lists that automatically update in real time. You can also request specific supplies and resources beyond these, and the planning committee will work with you to see if we can help you to obtain them once your session application(s) have been approved.

For high school students seeking to fulfill community service requirements for school, we are also happy to sign off on any documentation you might need to verify that you volunteered with us.

*The provided lunch is usually pizzas, wraps, sandwiches, or pasta, plus chips or cookies, and beverages. We will always have meat and vegetarian options, but cannot promise we can accommodate more specific dietary needs due to the logistics of arranging large catering orders. You will have to bring your own lunch if this is a concern, sorry!

**Though it will not cost you anything to attend other sessions, you will still need to sign up for them so your fellow session leaders have you in their attendee lists.

Available Roles

We need help in a variety of volunteer roles to put together a successful event!

If you are one (or both) of the following:

  • a FIRST student, alum, or mentor with knowledge to share in mechanical design, electronics, programming, leadership, marketing, fundraising, graphic design, web dev, video, or animation - or any other topic relevant to FIRST teams
  • a professional or college/graduate student who works in or studies any area of engineering (i.e. robotics, ME, EE, software, aerospace, bio, biomed), neuroscience, business (i.e. development, management), marketing, graphic design, web dev, video, or animation

We need you!

Below is a brief summary of the roles we offer - see our volunteer roles page for a complete description of each role, including time commitment, qualifications, and how to apply. Unless otherwise noted, all roles are open to both teens and adults.

  • Presenter: Give attendees insight into your topic via inspiring lecture, informative discussion, and hands-on learning.
  • Panelist: Share your personal experiences with topics such as women in STEM, leadership, outreach, and career paths.
  • Moderator: Guide a panel discussion through thoughtful questions and audience-panelist interaction.
  • Instructor: Help attendees dive into your topic through guided, fully interactive projects and exercises
  • Exhibitor: Demonstrate, display, and showcase a project, initiative, or other work to attendees at a booth
  • Reviewer (adults only): Review session materials and plans to ensure curricula are compelling, high quality, and accurate
  • Facilitator: Lead and manage fun social activities such as roundtables, sports, and card games.
  • Welcome Staff: Provide attendees a great start to the day as you help with check-in and registration
  • Performer: Share your talents in music, dance, or other performing arts with attendees during lunch
  • Setup / Teardown: Help assemble the event by assisting with setup and teardown needs such as moving tables
  • Planning Committee Member (high schoolers only): Help steer the the overall vision, direction, and execution of the event

Note for veteran volunteers: as of 2022, we are restructuring our existing volunteer roles and available session types for clarity and future growth. Accordingly, some of our terminology has changed - for example, we now distinguish between “presentations” and “workshops” (whereas in prior years, those terms were used interchangeably) - so pay close attention to the updated role descriptions! Feel free to contact the planning committee at workshopsplanning@wrrf.org if you have questions about what category a session of yours would fall under.

Open Volunteer Calls

To provide interested volunteers opportunities to give input on and gain insight into the planning process, the conference committee hosts at least two open volunteer calls / Q&A sessions in the weeks leading up to the event.

Information about joining these calls will be sent directly to confirmed volunteers via email when available. These calls are not mandatory, but are chances to engage in dialogue with, give feedback to, and get your questions answered by the conference committee in real time. If you cannot make the calls, you are still always welcome to reach out to the committee separately with your questions and comments.

Note that the conference committee still has the final say on all decisions, and that if no one joins a call by 20 minutes into its announced start time, we reserve the right to assume that no one will be showing up and to end the call.

Attendee Lists & Session Cancellation Policy

After session(s) are approved and attendee registration has begun, session leaders will receive online spreadsheets displaying the current signups for their session(s). These are linked to our main signup sheet so they will auto-update in real time.

Leaders should use these only as a rough estimate of their attendance as there are always a number of no-shows, walk-ins, and last-minute signups. Because of this, we no longer accept requests to cancel sessions based on lack of anticipated attendance, with one exception - if your attendee count still remains at 0 the night before the event, you are welcome to stay home.

Getting to the Event

All volunteers will need to check in at the front desk and clear COVID precautionary checks upon arrival at the event to receive their volunteer badges.

See our page for attendees for complete details about participating in the event.