Winter Pre-Build Workshops

WRRF Winter Pre-Build Workshops

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8-9 registration (1 hr)

9:05-9:15 – kickoff (room 326, 10 min, [0.17 hr])

9:20-11:20 – AM workshop (2 hr)

11:20-11:30 – snack break (10 min, [0.17 hr])

11:30-1:30 – Noon workshop (2 hr)

1:30-2:15 lunch (45 min [0.75 hr])

2:15-4:15 PM workshop (2 hr)

4:15-4:30 post-event meeting/feedback (15 min, [0.25 hr])

4:30-5:00 wrap-up, clean up, pack up, leave (volunteers only, 5-30 min [0.08-0.5 hr])


$5 per attendee, regardless if you’re a student, mentor, parent, etc. This covers refreshment costs for you!! We seem to always end up with an excess of snacks because many attendees are apparently unaware that they’re there. Please look for them and partake extensively. 🙂

Please just bring $5 bills. It saves us from having to rifle for change and speeds up registration for everyone.
Except instructors, who are already paying (a lot) with their time/knowledge and will be charged nothing further!


Checking in as a group on the day of grants you a free registration for every 5th person.
For example, if you checked in with 10 people, you’d only be paying for 8 ($40). What’s worked well before is having a representative from the team come to registration with a list of all team members present.


Bring your own lunch & snacks, but as stated above, we’ll provide refreshments.