CalGames 2021

We appreciate all the teams and volunteers who have been signing up to compete or help in CalGames 2021 in Pittsburg HS. Thank you!

Unfortunately, with the recent strongly rising number of COVID-19 cases in the Bay Area, Pittsburg Unified School District decided they are not able to host us at this time. We know they wanted to host, but the times we are living in are challenging in many ways, as you all know.

What are the options?

  1. No event for 2021 at all
  2. Find another host for the same dates: this would need to be done within next two weeks, before 9/10. IF this becomes feasible, the shift would need to be reviewed by teams, team volunteer assignments would need to be reviewed, and decisions made by registered teams after it was announced. TEAMS: if you are interested in hosting, please write as soon as possible.
  3. Hold another virtual event: we are exploring this. The game awards would possibly involve the same game we used for the CalGames 2020 virtual event. Maybe robot videos are possible if teams are in schools and their labs? Other ideas?

Ceal will be sending out a separate email to all registered teams about refund process (depending on what option happens) for those already paid. Also, the email to registered teams will describe how and when to decide if option 2 or 3 is in the cards.

WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK on these options! So, please write us free-form ( and we will take ALL your inputs into consideration.

Again, we appreciate ALL the efforts of volunteers that have been working to make CalGames 2021 happen so far. All of us are disappointed with where we are at this point: volunteers, BOD members, CalGames Managers, Pittsburg team 5430, Piraterobolution, and Pittsburg high school administration. And we know you are too.

Whatever happens, we have to have a CalGames 2022, right?! Cross your fingers folks!

Most sincerely,

CalGames 2021 Managers

Clayton Ou

Grace Lam

WRRF Board of Directors

Mike Schmit, President

Ceal Craig, Vice President

Alvin Cheng, Secretary

Jack Gillespie, Treasurer

Chris Kuszmaul, Director

CalGames 2021 will be held at Pittsburg High School in Pittsburg, CA on Oct 1st -3rd!
October 1st will be practice games, and official competitions begin on Saturday the 2nd.

Note that, unlike prior years:

we will not be holding discussions on potential rule changes, as most teams haven’t even played the game yet with official rules; and
we will be performing full inspections on all competing robots, as most have not been on a field in two years.

In short, think of this more of a pre-season event serving as a warm-up for the return to official competitions next year, rather than a typical post-season one.
We will also continue to be following any COVID guidelines that the county, host school, and/or WRRF board may issue, whatever they may be, to make sure everyone can have a fun time and be safe.

Registration is open via this form here:

  • Early Registration closed on August 1. Cost was $250 per team, plus a commitment to a volunteer slot (6+ students, 1+ adults). Not fulfilling this commitment will disqualify the team from competing in CalGames 2022.
  • Open Registration began on August 1 and costs $350 per team with no commitment to a volunteer slot.

Also, please reach out to if you are interested in volunteering!

For any questions about the event, you can contact the CalGames Event Co-Managers at