CalGames 2024

Event Info

CalGames 2023 will be held from October 11-13, 2024 at Pittsburg High School, with Team 5430 (Pirate Robolution & Pittsburg High School) as host!

Overal, we are replicating the prior years’ (CG21-CG23) schedule:

  1. Two competition days (Saturday & Sunday) PLUS one evening of practices (Friday).
  2. Setup (Thursday evening + Friday daytime) + Competition (Friday evening, Saturday daytime, Sunday until mid-afternoon) + Teardown (Sunday)

Key Dates

[Updated May 18, 2024] See Registration tab for current registration status.

  • May 17: Registration details announced
  • May 20, 12:01:00AM: Event Team Registration begins for early registration teams. Registrations received before that will all be treated as having the same time & date. The slots will be similar to prior years.
  • July 1: logo submissions due (see Logo Contest details here)
  • August 1, 12:01:00AM: Open Registration begins for teams.
  • August 22: 2nd Robot Registration opens. Registrations received before that will all be treated as having the same time & date.
  • Payment due date: September 15 (end of day; postmarked on/by 9/15). Teams that only get off the waitlist around that time may be granted an extension. Zelle is preferred over check.
  • TBD: Possible optional Q&A meeting for participating teams (not planned yet). Link will be sent to contacts for registered teams.
  • TBD: final changes to registration details: robot name, sponsors, important info.

If you have any questions, contact us at:

We’re happy to announce the CalGames 2024 Logo Contest, a tradition for 10+ years at WRRF!
Submissions are due to by Monday, July 1.

Your challenge is to design an original, compelling event logo which also:

  • is not FIRST-derived (i.e., no FIRST logo, no FIRST 2024 game logos)
    • This means NO use of this year’s official game logos or other graphics. It is critical the CG24 logo be your creation completely with no borrowed art EXCEPT for WRRF logo.
  • incorporates the the WRRF logo (PNG)WRRF Logo (SVG)
  • has the text “CalGames 2024” (CalGames as one word)
  • utilizes the WRRF colors (Purple #560F6B, Gold #F0AF00, Green #006549) where appropriate

The rest is up to you! The designer of the winning submission (selected by the WRRF Board) will receive public recognition and a free WRRF-branded item (<$75) sporting the winning logo.

Make sure to preview your logo at different sizes to ensure that it can scale up and down without key details being lost, keeping in mind it will be printed on a variety of materials of different sizes, including buttons, programs, shirts, and banners.

Please submit your final graphic alongside a written statement asserting that your design is indeed original, and your name & team number (if appropriate) so we can properly credit you if you win. Submissions should be sent as an SVG file (we also recommend providing a PNG as reference for what the submission is supposed to look like in case the SVG does not render correctly on our end, though the SVG is what will be used for final printing)

By submitting an entry, you grant WRRF permission to use your graphic, if selected, for any and all CalGames 2024 marketing and promotional purposes, and acknowledge that we may make minor edits to the selected logo without consulting you to ensure readability before sending it off for printing.

If you have any questions, please reach out to and we will do our best to answer them.

Registration is open now!

Registration occurs in two tiers, early and open registration. Registrations received prior to the opening of a tier will be treated as if they had been received at the exact opening date and time for that tier.

  • Early Registration begins May 20, and costs $300 per team, plus commitment to a volunteer slot (6+ students, 1+ adults – see below for list).
    Not fulfilling this commitment with no notification will disqualify the team from competing in CalGames 2025.
  • Open Registration begins on August 1 and costs $400 per team with no commitment to a volunteer slot.
  • 2nd Robot Registration will open August 22 and costs $400 per team with no commitment to a volunteer slot.

Teams are strongly encouraged to step up to help out as much as they can!

Payment must be made by September 15, 2024. Zelle payments (preferred) or check are acceptable methods of payment. Write with any questions.

Complete List of Early Registration Volunteer Slots (<= 22 slots):

  • Rookie team (2024 rookie) up to FOUR teams
  • CalGames 2023 Host (#100 only)
  • CalGames 2022 & 2024 Host (#5430 only)
  • Inventory – Summer Saturday TBD (TWO teams)
  • Buttons (make drive & event buttons)
  • TH evening Setup (Flooring) ~6-8:30 (THREE teams)
  • FRI AM Setup (Build field, pit) 9AM-12PM   (ONE team)
  • FRI AM Setup (Build field, pit) 10AM-1PM   (TWO teams)
  • FRI PM Setup (More setup) 12PM – 3PM   (TWO teams)
  • Sun PM Field Cleanup ~4PM – 6PM   (TWO teams)
  • Sun PM Pit Cleanup ~4PM – 6PM   (ONE teams)
  • Sun PM PODs Pack ~5PM7PM   (TWO teams)

Come Volunteer at CalGames 2024!

A planning & event team has been working away! Please reach out to if you are interested in volunteering in any role!

Please note that individuals volunteering for an event role does not fulfill the team volunteer requirement for event staffing.

Contact for any questions regarding volunteering.