Fall 2020

Join us for the WRRF Spark 2020 Digital Convention for FRC and FTC teams on September 19-20! Featuring nearly three dozen workshops for FRC and FTC (and a bit of FLL) throughout the weekend presented by teams across the community – whether you’re in mechanical, electrical, software, business, or strategy, whether you’re a lead or just starting out, we have something for you to help you start off the offseason/season right!

But it’s more than just workshops! Want to hear from other team leads about how they’re navigating these tough times? Come attend our leadership roundtables! Missed meeting new folks at competition this year? How about some speed friending sessions? Or come de-stress with your fellow FIRSTers in some rounds of Jeopardy, Spyfall, or Skribbl.io. We’ll also be hosting a CADathon that will start during the event, and end a week or two after! We designed this event to be more than just a workshop series – we want it to be a place for you to continuing connecting with other teams and meeting new FIRST friends while we are all being kept apart.

Check out everything you can attend in our program here, and sign up by 12:30pm on Friday, September 18!
And, in the coming days, we’ll be continuing to highlight all you can look forward to at the event on our new event-specific Instagram, so follow us there!We’re excited to be using Hopin, an new online events platform, to power this event.

Registration is still $5 / attendee as with our in-person events in the past, but the process looks a bit different this year.

  • First – after you’ve reviewed the program – fill out this form here.
  • Then, we will send you an email invite to Hopin within 12 hours (we currently have to manually send invites, so you won’t receive one immediately). The email will be coming from an @hopin.to address, make sure your spam filters don’t filter it.
  • After receiving the invite, follow the link in the email to create an account on Hopin, join the event, and pay for registration to complete the process. (You can delete your Hopin account after the event if you don’t want it to stay around).

To reiterate, you need to both fill out the Google Form and register/pay on Hopin to attend. Your registration is not complete until you have received the \”You’re in!\” confirmation email from Hopin.

Some questions you may have:

  • I’d like to register and pay for my team members as a group. Can I?
    • Hopin requires that each attendee register their own individual account to participate in the event, but we do have a way for you to pay for all of your team members as a group if needed. First, please send the total number of people that’ll be attending from your team to workshops /at/ wrrf dot org. We’ll send you a link to a custom ticket that is priced at the total amount your team members would be paying altogether (so if you’ll have 4 members plus yourself attending it’d be 5 x $5 = $25, etc.). After you’ve registered and paid, we’ll create a pool of prepaid tickets for your team and, from then on, we’ll send anyone we see signing up from your team (after they’ve filled out the Google Form) a custom invite to Hopin that links to one of those tickets. Each team member will still need to register on Hopin individually, but this way they will not need to provide their own payment info or ask for yours.
  • Will the sessions be recorded?
    • We will be recording some, contingent on presenter consent and whether the workshop is still helpful as a recording rather than a live session (e.g. sessions that are more real-time-discussion-centric will probably not be recorded). The workshops that we’ll be recording for sure as of now are Choosing the Right CAD Software, Creating and Countering Strategies, Effectively Assessing and Using Your Resources, Engineering Notebooks that Excite, Intermediate/Advanced Mechanical Design, and Motor Selection and Analysis. More info will be shared after the event on the WRRF website. Remember though there’s still many parts of the event that you can only participate in if you come – like discussions with presenters and other teams in real time, leadership round tables, speed friending, and games of Jeopardy, Spyfall and more.
  • I haven’t used Hopin, and am worried I won’t be able to figure out how to get into my sessions etc.
    • We chose Hopin partly because we thought it was pretty easy to use, but also recognize that attendees may not be as familiar with it as with other platforms like Zoom, so we will be hosting quick tutorial sessions in the main stage in Hopin at the start of the event on both days to show you how to get around the rest of the platform – don’t worry!

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there!

The WRRF Spark 2020 Planning Committee