CalGames 2013 Logo and Video Contest

Good with graphics? An artist at heart? Interested in designing a graphic for CalGames 2013? Team with video talent? We want to hear from you!



We are looking for designs building upon the FRC™ Ultimate Ascent™ game (NOT including any FIRST graphics, must be original), with WRRF’s logo part of the graphic as well as “CalGames 2013”. The final submission must arrive in both .EPS and .PNG formats with sufficient resolution for printing on banners and other large graphic printouts.

Design selected will become the property of WRRF and will be used for CalGames 2013 in collateral documents and marketing items. Designer must state that their design is original and not copied from other artist’s copyrighted material. Input from teams present & by survey is desired & valued. WRRF BOD will decide based on input & needs of event’s marketing & publicity purposes.

Winner will receive recognition and a free WRRF branded item with your design on it.

Please submit your design to by June 14.



Video Contest!! Submit a video for WRRF by July 31. Send to

WRRF is looking for a YouTube video to publicize CalGames and the WRRF community. Teams can use animation too. WRRF’s goal is to publicize team’s efforts, showcase students’ abilities, gain sponsors, and help the public learn about WRRF. Please submit to and do not place it yourself on YouTube. WRRF would like to review it first. See last year’s winner for an example:


  • Explain WRRF
    • Video should be more organization oriented than game oriented
  • Gain sponsors
  • Publicize team’s efforts
  • Showcase students’ abilities


  • 3 minutes or less
  • Animation is ok!
  • Must contain WRRF logo & CalGames 2013 graphic (available late June)
  • WRRF Logos are available on the WRRF Files and Pages site available to anyone who is a member of the WRRF community distribution list.
  • WRRF BOD will decide based on hits, quality of video, & publicity influence projected, and other factors