Rule Changes


1) 3.1.4 Tower Strength: 8 for QUALIFICATIONS and ELIMINATION

2) 5.5.10 – In QUALIFICATIONS – Defenses will be randomly selected and placed. The
placement will be defined in advance and will change every round (about 6 matches) to
match the robot cycles. There will be no Audience Selection of Defenses or Alliance
Selection of Defenses.
a. Cheval de Frise (Always in play in position 2)
b. Low Bar (Always in play in position 1)
c. Ramparts OR Moat
d. Sally Port OR Drawbridge
e. Rough Terrain OR Rock Wall

3) 5.5.10 – In ELIMINATIONS – There will be ONE Audience Selection of Defenses and
the selected defense will always be placed in position 3. There will be TWO Alliance
Selection of Defenses (Category and Placement) per the categories below. Audience
selected defense and defense category will change every round to match the robot cycles.
Alliance selected defense will change every match.
a. Ramparts OR Moat
b. Sally Port OR Drawbridge
c. Rough Terrain OR Rock Wall

4) G21 Revision – A ROBOT contacting carpet in the opponent’s SECRET PASSAGE
may not contact opposing ROBOTS who are in contact with the carpet in the SECRET
PASSAGE, regardless of who initiates the contact.

5) 5.4.4 – IN ELIMINATIONS, there will be no tie-breaker algorithms used for
determining a winner if the match scores are tied between two alliances. The two
alliances will play another match until an alliance has won two matches.

6) INSPECTION – Teams are encouraged to perform self inspection with the official
inspection checklist, which will expedite the official inspection performed by inspectors.

7) BOULDERS – We will be using the 10” Gopher boulders instead of the official
FIRST boulders sold on AndyMark. Please make adjustments if this is a problem for your