2017 Logo

Artwork by: Lara Fernandes, Team 1967

The CalGames 2017 logo design contest for this year’s event is now open! Submissions due SUNDAY 7/9

We need your help to design an interesting and connected event logo, a tradition for over ten years here at WRRF.

Your challenge will be to design an original, non-FIRST-derived graphic representing STEAMWORKS (SM), incorporating the WRRF logo, and the text “CalGames 2017” (single word, not “Cal Games”). Besides that, the rest of the design is up to you! We’re particularly looking for ideas new and different from the logos we’ve had in the past. Please use the WRRF colors (see attached) where appropriate.

The winner receives public recognition and a free WRRF-branded item (< $75) sporting your design!

  • As this will be printed on a variety of material, please send us a high-quality image file – vector (EPS, SVG) if possible, otherwise a high-resolution graphic. There are plenty of suggestions online as to print-friendly resolutions and DPIs, depending on your design.  This link provided some good information about this concept: https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/image-size-resolution.html
  • By sending in a logo for consideration, you grant WRRF permission to use your graphic (if selected) for any and all CalGames 2017 marketing and promotional purposes. Please include a written statement in your email asserting that your design is indeed original.
  • The WRRF BOD will decide on the winning design.