Host Team

Dear WRRF Community,

We appreciate your patience over the last few months as WRRF developed a host site for CalGames 2017.   We totally appreciate the many schools that put in a lot of effort to submit bids or even considered doing so. The WRRF BOD evaluated distances, costs, ability to support 36 teams effectively, and experience before making a selection.  Many schools are under construction and earlier efforts to solidify a site were affected by ongoing construction efforts at some schools.

The WRRF BOD selected Evergreen Valley High School in San Jose, 3300 Quimby Road, San Jose, CA 95148 with Team 2854, the Prototypes, as the FRC team host. We are all excited about working together to have another CalGames, our 12th event since the BOD reformed, and 14th since WRRF incorporated in August 2003.

The event will have a shifted schedule from prior years.   The event itself will be Saturday afternoon/evening (10/14) and all day Sunday (10/15).

We recognized that some schools will have difficulty with those dates and others, in particular the distant teams we hope, will find this schedule easier to support.  Either way, that is the schedule for this year.

Volunteer slots (2) will begin Friday evening (emptying the POD storage containers) and laying down Masonite and carpet at the school. We do not have a storage locker anymore, only a POD. So some of the early slots at “the storage locker” have disappeared from prior years.   Early Saturday morning (7AM), volunteer slots will begin to build the field, set up the pits, and ensure the field is ready for matches Saturday evening. Open registration slots will be similar to last year mostly on Saturday evening and all day Sunday. We will pack everything up into three PODs (two for FIRST CA and one for WRRF) on Sunday evening.