Logo Contest

Congratulations to Jorell S. from Aragon Robotics (840) for creating the CalGames 2023 logo selected by the Planning Leads & BOD!

CalGames 2023 logo

Big thanks as well to the eight artists who submitted creative logos, making this year’s decision quite challenging.

Original Contest Guidelines

The CalGames 2023 Logo Contest, a tradition for 10+ years at WRRF, has closed.
Submissions were due to CalGames@WRRF.org by Monday, July 1.
These guidelines are here for reference only.

Your challenge is to design an original, compelling event logo which also:

  • is not FIRST-derived (i.e., no FIRST logo, no FIRST 2023 game logos)
    • This means NO use of this year’s game graphics either. It is critical the CG23 logo be your creation completely with no borrowed art EXCEPT for WRRF logo.
  • incorporates the WRRF logo
  • has the text “CalGames 2023” (CalGames as one word)
  • utilizes the WRRF colors (Purple #560F6B, Gold #F0AF00, Green #006549) where appropriate

The rest is up to you! The designer of the winning submission (selected by the WRRF Board) will receive public recognition and a free WRRF-branded item (<$75) sporting the winning logo.

Make sure to preview your logo at different sizes to ensure that it can scale up and down without key details being lost, keeping in mind it may be printed on a variety of materials of different sizes ranging from buttons to programs to shirts to banners.

Please submit your final graphic alongside a written statement asserting that your design is indeed original, and your name & team number (if appropriate) so we can properly credit you if you win. Submissions should be sent in SVG format (we also recommend providing a PNG as reference for what the submission is supposed to look like in case the SVG does not render correctly on our end, though the SVG is what will be used for final printing)

By submitting an entry, you grant WRRF permission to use your graphic, if selected, for any and all CalGames 2023 marketing and promotional purposes, and acknowledge that we may make minor edits to the selected logo without consulting you to ensure readability before sending it off for printing.

If you have any questions, please reach out to CalGames@WRRF.org and we will do our best to answer them.